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October 1, 2017

Four Lions are from Bendigo, Victoria, Australia forming in December 2014 they sort of play Americana Post Punk music. Four Lions have released two albums Charing Cross (2015), Vahland (2016) numerous EP’s and singles via their musical company Verse Chorus Verse. Four Lions are 100% self financed/managed/booked/promoted act.   Their new album Golden Triangle will be released on […]

Clay Rose and Gasoline Lollipops have resurrected.  Now what?  Well, after the Phoenix rises from the flames, all that’s left besides itself, is ashes.  That’s not a lot to work with.  Clay has spent the last year sifting through ashes and coal, digging in the Soul Mine, as it were, throwing out what’s no longer of […]

Western Jaguar is a modern indie rock group from Mission, British Columbia. Western Jaguar’s sound combines elements of indie rock, dream pop and post-rock to create a stirring union of reverb drenched guitars, pulsating bass and bruising percussion. These elements are the cornerstones of Western Jaguar’s unmatched sound and provide the foundation for the group’s […]

  A new album by Spells and Curses A narrative prequel to their debut album SUADADE, Sinful Things is Spells and Curses creating a sonic representation of their live sound, with a twist of lemon. The result is a rock album, full of unabashedly epic intentions. The perfect companion for floating through space. Sinful Things on […]

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